The consultant team was hired by the Turks and Caicos Government, through the TCI Planning Department in 2017 to produce an update to the 1987 National Physical Development Plan. (Now called the National Physical Sustainable Development Plan, NPSDP.) Mr. Oswald Williams was selected by the TCI Government as the Project Coordinator for the NPSDP in 2019. He has played a vital role in facilitating meetings, interviews, and the exchange of information between the consultant team, the Turks and Caicos residents, and the Turks and Caicos Government.

The TCI Planning Department and the NPSDP Project Coordinator have supported the NPSDP project and consultant team through the planning and facilitation of meetings, supply of data from the Turks and Caicos governmental agencies and stakeholders, and explanation of key understandings in relation to the National Physical Sustainable Development Plan. The TCI Planning Department is led by Mr. Danier Lightbourne, Director of Planning, Mr. Toriano Williams, Acting Deputy Director of Planning and Chairperson of the Physical Planning Board, and Mr. Ogail Awad, Deputy Director of Planning. The Planning Department is also supported by key staff members for the National Physical Sustainable Development Plan: Mr, Eugene Williams (Development Control Engineer), Ms. Tshora Hyman (Land Use Planner), Mr. Reginald Charles (Land Use Planner and Secretary to the Physical Planning Board), Mr. Carlos Tomayo (Land Use Planner), Mr. Adrian Malcolm (Assistant Development Control Engineer), Mr. Chavo Garland (Senior Electrical Inspector), Mr. Wade Morris (Electrical Inspector), Mr. Jackson Rock (Development Control Officer), Mr. Myron Sturrup (Development Control Officer), Mr. Jermaine Lowe (Development Control Officer), and Ms. Ygerne Wilson (Administrative Officer).

The team will also be supported by key stakeholders, which will come together to form important committees: National Steering Committee, Management Committee, and Island Committees. The Island Committees will be made up of residents from each respective island: Providenciales, North Caicos, Middle Caicos, South Caicos, Grand Turk, and Salt Cay. Each committee will have a responsibility to guide and provide feedback for the NPSDP.


Planning and Landscape Architecture

EDSA's global experience pays tribute to the passionate creation of distinctive, innovative, and inspiring environments. Working in conjunction with nature to achieve impressive results with enduring appeal, we design outdoor spaces that are timeless, never forced – and establish relationships that strengthen these concepts for future projects and generations. With an eye toward holistic development, land preservation, and aesthetic cognizance, our designers improve the relationship between people and place. We graciously accept our role as stewards of the land and the built environment with the full creativity, integrity, and the commitment of our entire worldwide team.


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Founded in 1984 as an environmental engineering firm in Gainesville, FL, ATM has grown to be an international consulting firm specializing in marina and waterfront design and consulting, coastal engineering, environmental sciences, water resources engineering, and sustainable infrastructure planning and design.

Blue Dolphin

GIS, Habitat Mapping

BDRC expertise and services span a wide spectrum, from natural and geo sciences, civil and environmental engineering, project management, green technologies, sustainable business practices, land planning, to real estate and tourism development, including branding and programming.


Structural and Environmental Engineering

EDS Ltd specialize in seismic design of buildings and have been involved in both retro-fitting and new design of buildings in Haiti and other notable seismic zones throughout the Caribbean region. EDS Ltd will provide the NPSDP local expertise in infrastructural understanding of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Lambert Advisory

Economic Consulting

Founded in 1995, Lambert Advisory is an internationally recognized real estate and economic advisory firm. Established on a foundation of knowledge, data, and experience, Lambert works collaboratively with clients and partners to transform places and build stronger communities.


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Traf Tech Engineering, Inc. specializes in traffic engineering. For the public sector, the firm has provided hurricane evacuation expertise to the State of Florida, traffic services to Broward County and to more than 20 local municipalities. The firm has completed over 1,500 traffic engineering assignments for the private sector and has provided transportation solutions in Africa, Mexico and Honduras.

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ZaGo Solutions is a consulting firm that specializes in the tourism industry. The firm's services include everything related to investment project developments from the initial stage of opportunity identification up to the project concept design and its proper implementation and development.

The team includes Kareem Higgs and Carlton Ernest Bain, of Richmond Financial Group, as local consultant liaisons.